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Doi Chaang license system managed by

Elephant Mountain Coffee Sdn Bhd



The Concept Doi Chaang Caffe

The company has approved standard of design and layout to be set up with the uniquely Identification of the Coffee Houses under the license system

To reinforce the brand image as high quality and premium coffee of Doi Chaang Coffee with reflects the corporate identification through shop design, graphic standard, menu board lay-out, decorations and uniforms. All design will represent a single standard of maximum quality Location-Deco-Product-Services


To make sure that both The Brand and The Licensee are succeed, need to have a proper combination which Doi Chaang Caffe will provide proper shop concept, know-how, training, management systems as well as consistently quality products. While the Licensee must have efficient capital investment, capable team, willingness and commitment to the success of coffee house business.

Why select Doi Chaang Caffe?

Doi Chaang Caffe will support the individual licensee to operate and manage own coffee house business with proper guidance, training, operating manual and standard procedures. Together with the world accepted quality coffee and uniquely shop design with marketing network.

In order to serve and cooperate with licensee, Doi Chaang Caffe has a corporate office and service center in Bangkok and equipped with international standard equipments and infrastructure and manage by knowledgeable team as well as having overseas master licensees in major cities for accurate and prompt assistance at reachable locations.

How much will it cost to be a Licensee

Beside the investment to have a quality coffee house, Doi Chaang Caffe is charging license fee with a reasonable international fee structure;

Marketing Fee

The Advertising and Promotions fee will be use for Branding & Promotion. Advertising and Promotions fee will be charged base on a fix amount.

Doi Chaang Caffe will have to responsible for managing the advertising and promotions fund for its own area or territory.

Lost & Damage Deposit

A fix amount will be collected as a Deposit throughout each contract, this amount is reserved for any supplies or payment or any damage may occurred

Join Us

At Doi Chaang Coffee we believing in business for a better purpose. With an already established partnership with the Akha farmers, we proud to give the Akha tribes a steady livelihood. Now, we are not only successful coffee producer, but we also became well-known coffee brand worldwide. So join us in making business that works for the better.

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