Doi Chaang Arabica specialty coffee is single-estate grown exclusively in Doi Chang area, and is known for beautiful aroma, ideal acidity, low caffeine and balanced taste. The high elevation and cool climate at Doi Chang have well contributed to a premium coffee plantation. Doi Chaang Coffee is produced with genuine care that goes into every step of the production process.


Green Peaberry (Before Roasting) Doi Chaang Peaberry Coffee is a cherry produces only one oval shaped bean (typically produces two flat sided beans). The peaberry bean is much smaller with a higher concentrated flavour and represents only 5 % of our annual crop.

Roasted Premium Coffee BeanDoi Chaang premium beans are roasted to a full medium to produce a fruity, sweet cup with a pleasant flowery fragrance. Well-balanced with a delicate body and rich undertones, our Single-Estate Medium offers an exceptionally vibrant beginning with a clean finish. A pleasant and well-rounded cup, enjoyable anytime.